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Emails with Sister Antonia re 1st Banquet at prison, 2013

Posted on July 18, 2014 at 3:20 PM

Weds. March 13, 2013


My Dearest Sister Antonia,


Thank you so much for giving so much of yourself at the prison yesterday. After conducting two, week-long retreats and then the weekend seminar, it was adding a lot to your plate to request one more day of you. I could see you were very tired after we got out of the prison yesterday, and I just want to let you know again how very much you are appreciated. Sharing your knowledge of the form and encouraging their own exploration of it, was such a gift to the Folsom class.

I hope that your trip home was uneventful, and that you got some sleep on the plane!


Much Love and Gratitude,



Weds. March 13, 2013


My Dearest Julie,


My deepest gratitude to you for you! I am amazed at how many Folsom

doors open up to you... like the Chapel Door - for the all day Retreat/Banquet, the Kitchen Door - with so much support, willingness from the staff... but most especially the hearts of the men who make up your Folsom Class. Your energy just makes that happen with 'no effort' - well, okay, you did put a lot of effort into planning, purchasing, and preparing the food which seemed to have come together with your husband's wonderful support and help.


A deep bow of gratitude to you for all you are and are about. I'm just delighted to hear about your work with the youth and in introducing them to TCC.


From a long time admirer, with gratitude

Sr. Antonia


Wonderful to sit with you and Judy to de-brief and enjoy the frozen yogurt. Yes, I

was tired, but it only hit me after I knew my work was accomplished. Please greet the men

for me when you meet with them next week.

I slept a bit on the plane, and after arriving home. Will go to bed after closing these lines... still on Pacific Time.



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