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Questions to Inmates re practice, 12/2012

Posted on July 17, 2014 at 8:15 PM

Blog entry: 12/27/12

Yesterday I asked my class what they would most like to work on at our upcoming full day T’ai Chi Chih retreat with Sister Antonia. Their responses were,

“I wish to achieve centeredness and peace.”

“I would like to know how to stay centered. Especially when in a very stressful situation. How to stay calm and relaxed.”

“I would like to know how to discover my true, authentic self. Not the self that is influenced by external expectations, pressures and labels, but to truly know who I am.”

“I would like to know how to communicate better, to be able to say “no” to someone without hurting their feelings.”

Four things struck me about these responses.

First: These are all things in our lives that will improve through the practice of T’ai Chi Chih, IF we stick with it and practice.

Second: They are about growth, about seeking to connect to our higher selves. They are what many of us are trying to achieve. Universal aspirations.

Third: That unless I told you, you probably would not have guessed that these are wishes expressed by the inmates in my class at Folsom Prison.

Fourth: (Combining two and three): We are all connected. To quote from one of my favorite prayers: “It is the little things in life that create differences, that in the big things in life, we are as one, and may we strive to touch and to know the great common heart of us all…”

Wishing all of you a peaceful and beautiful New Year!

With Loving Chi,

Julie Heryet


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