Chi Heals You

                                                        Through a moving meditation practice called Qigong


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Folsom T'ai Chi Chih Testimonials at the annual Banquet/Retreat and Circles of Light event, 4/25/17.

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Folsom Prison Class Testimonials: Retreat/Banquet and Circles of Light event, 2017

Every year for my T'ai Chi Chih class at Folsom Prison, I help coordinate a banquet and all day retreat, which concludes with a synchonized, GLOBAL, community practice.  Guests who come in to join us on this special day include former teachers of this class, Judy Tretheway and Tara Stiles, and the International Guide of T'ai Chi Chih, Sandy McAlister. A...

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How to Start A Class in a Prison, Jail, etc...

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How to Start a T’ai Chi Chih Class at a Correctional Facility


First, make an appointment with the person in charge of Programs, usually called the Programs Officer or Resource Director.


Bring with you:


1. A “Statement of Purpose,” simply stating why you want to bring T’ai Chi Chih into this facility, how it will benefit the inmates and the institution, and how the class will be run (a sample is attached). Yo...

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What We Wish We'd Been Told Before Going Into Prisons

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(Advice from some Quaker women volunteers who are old prison hands, to new women volunteers,

Quakers and others)

1. Prison is, to you, a foreign country. As in any foreign country, it is wise to be quiet, observe,

listen, learn the language and identify the values of the prison culture before advancing too

many strong opinions or taking any drastic action.

2. Don’t be afraid to define yoursel...

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Why I practice Qigong

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This morning I was reflecting on why I practice Qigong, and this is the list I came up with. Would love to add your reasons to it as well!  


- It’s relaxing.

- It feels good.

- I am doing something special for myself: Self-Care.

- I am happier, more often.

- I hurt less.

- It puts me IN my body.

- It helps me to be present more often.

- It helps me to feel more connected to:

     • My body

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APRIL 5, 2015

The CIRCLES OF LIGHT Event, held inside and all around Folsom State Prison last Tuesday, was without a doubt one of the best days of my life. It confirmed for me the saying, "When we heal ourselves, we heal the world."  And I might add, "When we heal the world, we heal ourselves."  I think the latter is what everyone who participated on Tuesday, got to experience.  We came together to heal the prison, to support the T'ai Chi Chih class inside, to help Franky...

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Exonerated Inmate Returns to Folsom Prison to Fulfill a Dream

Franky Carrillo, who served 20 years for a crime he didn’t commit, returns to Folsom State Prison to visit his former T’ai Chi Chih classmates at their 3rd Annual Banquet and Retreat, and share in their practice.

Sacramento,California (PR MediaRelease) March 30, 2015

T’ai Chi Chih is a T’ai Chi/Qigong hybrid that was created by American T&...

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Hello You Very Dear Circles of Light Participants!


Thank you SO much for your support of Tuesday's event. I've posted some of the photos that Dave took on Facebook, but in case you don't look there, I'm sending some along through email.


I'm so glad those of you who were able to come to Folsom, got to meet Franky, and he is VERY glad that he got to meet you.


This is how it wen...

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Risking Vulnerability in our Practice

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Monday, July 21, 2014

When I was teaching T'ai Chi Chih (a qigong form) class at the Folsom men's prison last Thursday (7/17/14), one of the inmates asked me why he had to put his feet in a "v" position when standing in "resting pose".  I told him I should probably know the answer to that, but really wasn't sure why, except that it probably had to do with opening the channels so that the Qi (chi) could flow more freely.  I emphasized that i...

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Emails with Sister Antonia re 1st Banquet at prison, 2013

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Weds. March 13, 2013


My Dearest Sister Antonia,


Thank you so much for giving so much of yourself at the prison yesterday. After conducting two, week-long retreats and then the weekend seminar, it was adding a lot to your plate to request one more day of you. I could see you were very tired after we got out of the prison yesterday, and I just want to let you know again how very much you are apprec...

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T'ai Chi Chih Teacher's Conference, 2013

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For the Vital Force: Teacher’s Conference 2013, by Julie Heryet of Placerville, California.

I don’t know where to begin – so incredible was my experience at conference this year. I didn’t think my first Teacher’s Conference (Portland, 2012) could be beat, but Minnesota was amazing. For me, getting to go to conference and connect with the T’ai Chi Chih community and DO T’ai Chi Chih with 100 other people is...

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